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Epic Fidget Spinner

Promotional fidget spinners are the new craze, designed to improve focus and alleviate boredom. This version has steel bearings which allow the spinner to rotate for around 2 minutes. The three arms are also weighted which helps provide a greater rotational period. The centre is printed with your logo on one side of the spinner. Fidget Spinners are highly addictive, interactive gadgets that will hang around desks, and are ideal for conferences, trade show giveaways, product launches and promotions. Complies with EN71, equivalent to AS-NZS 8124 parts 1,2 and 3. Collection: Novelties Category: Kids Colours Available: White, Light Green, Black Materials: Polypropylene, Steel bearings Item Size: 75 x 75 x 12mm (LxHxD)
From $2.06 To $2.30

FAFN275 Jumbo Fanfan Import

Features: Wave it! Clap it! Fan it! It's a banner, a clapping device, and a fan. This multifunctioning item is constructed from sturdy, coated cover weight recycled paper and is printed on both sides. 300g Coated Cover Recycled with aqueous coating recyclable.
From $1.50 To $2.54

INFN100 No.1 Thunder Sticks

Features: These number 1 thunder sticks are great to advertise your brand or your sponsors, gain everyone's attention with these hybrid thunder sticks with classic pompoms on one end. Comes in 7 colours and 60 cms in size
From $0.62 To $0.98

INFN96 Led Sticks

Features: Made from foam, these LED Sticks are great during concerts, parties or any event at night. Comes in 40x4 cms size and 7 colours.
From $2.06 To $2.30

INFN98 Flag Thunder Sticks

Features: Customize these unique flag thunder sticks. A great accessory for any kind of sports events. Double the printing space to promote your brand.
From $1.62 To $1.98

INFN99 Wave Thunder Sticks

Features: These thunder sticks come in a attention seeking wave shape. A great way to promote your brand. Available in 7 colours.
From $0.62 To $0.98

LPL010 Stress Cloud

Features: novelty stress cloud
From $1.94 To $2.16

LPL011 Stress Smile Guy

Features: Smiley stress shape
From $3.60 To $3.98

MOBN5053 Payday Piggy Bank

Features: This colourful and cute piggy bank fits perfectly on your shelf and is sure to brighten up your room. Available in 6 colour combinations.
From $5.82 To $9.30

OCC68 Globe Shaped Stress Reliever

Features: earth stress shape
From $2.52 To $2.80

PCAN02 Double Playing Cards In Case

Features: Playing cards are great promotional product as it offers full printing at its back. This one is encased in a recycled plastic case.
From $9.70 To $11.32

STRS59 Owl Stress Shape

Features: stress shape owl
From $2.40 To $2.80

STRS60 Cricket Ball Stress Shape

Features: If you think cricket fans have been left out from our sports-related stress ball offerings, you are definitely wrong! This one is as effective as the sport in batting away work stress in every day life.
From $2.08 To $2.64

Budget Fidget Spinner

This fun fidget spinner toy is designed for relieving stress and anxiety, it spins between fingers and improves focus, and alleviate boredom! The simple spinning action brings you a sensational pleasing addictive feeling. It rapidly becomes the hottest pr
From $1.88 To $2.04

Classic Fidget Spinner

This is the very original classic design of fidget spinner, it is designed for relieving stress and anxiety, it spins between fingers and improves focus, and alleviate boredom! The simple spinning action brings you a sensational pleasing addictive feeling
From $2.22 To $2.38

Hacky Sacks

Hacky sack foot bags for playing the traditional hacky sack game or use them as juggling balls. Colours: White, WhiteYellow, WhiteOrange, WhiteRed, WhiteGreen, WhiteBlue, WhiteBlack. Dimensions: Dia 49mm. Branding Options: Pad Print-25mm x 25mm (one colour). Packing: Loose packed. Carton Dimensions: 40cm x 32cm x 24cm x Carton Quantity: 250 pieces Carton Weight: 11.00kg
From $1.42 To $1.58

YOYO01 Premium Plastic Yoyo

Features: This 5 cms YoYo is a clear winner for that fun promotion
From $1.84 To $2.12

YOYO02 Flashing Yoyo

Features: This flashing yoyo is 5 cms in size and is great way to impress your clients during any event.
From $1.96 To $2.12

YOYO03 Standard Plastic Yoyo

Features: This 5 cms YoYo is made from standard quality plastic and comes in vibrant colours. Add your brand logo at the center to make it a prefect giveaway
From $1.34 To $1.54

FRBN01 Large Fun Flyer

Features: Get your brand logo imprinted on these large durable flyer. Great for any promotional event. 23 cms in size
From $1.42 To $1.84

FRBN02 Recycled Plastic Fun Flyer

Features: Give these environment friendly flyers with your brand logos imprinted on them during your next promotional event. Made from recycled plastic.
From $1.52 To $2.04

FRBN03 Foldable Nylon Fun Flyer

Features: Foldable nylon flyer comes with a pouch and is a fun way to attract your potential clients in any promotional event. 25 cms in size
From $1.08 To $1.38

STRS01 Bocce Stress Shape

Features: This polyurethane stress balls are a prefect balance of soft and tough. Great as a promotional gift with customizable print area to adron your logo or brand. Available in various colours
From $1.24 To $1.46

STRS02 Round Ball Stress Shape

Features: This stress ball is sure to take down all your stress away and is a popular promotional giveaway. It is made from quality squeezable polyurethane foam and is available in a variety of colours.
From $1.20 To $1.48

STRS03 Football Stress Shape

Features: A prefect giveaway at any sports event or promotional fair. This football shaped stress ball is made from quality polyurethane. Has a 4x2 cms print area to highlight your brand
From $1.60 To $2.00

STRS04 Basketball Stress Shape

Features: A prefect giveaway at any sports event or promotional fair with your brand imprinted on the same. This basket ball shaped stress ball is made from quality polyurethane. Sure to impress all the sports enthusiats
From $1.28 To $1.60

STRS05 Soccer Stress Shape

Features: Relieving stress is just right at your fingertips. This stress ball comes is designed to mimic a soccer ball with a 3 cms print area and can come in colours depending on the need of your business.
From $1.28 To $1.60

STRS06 Golf Ball Stress Shape

Features: You no longer need to drive to the nearest golfing range to take away your stress. Brand your company logo on this golf ball shaped stress ball to make the perfect giveaway for any golfing or sporting event.
From $1.20 To $1.60

STRS08 Pyramid Stress Shape

Features: Customize this unique pyramid shaped stress ball with your brand to make the prefect giveaway. Made from polyurethane foam, can be used as a stress reliever as well as table show piece. Available in a variety of colours.
From $2.00 To $2.40

STRS09 Hard Hat Stress Shape On Keyring

Features: This promotional product gives you the best of both worlds. It‚’s part key chain and part stress ball. The stress ball comes in a hard hat shape, perfect for those involved in the construction or home maintenance business.
From $0.96 To $1.20
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